Training - Projects
Projects need a strong project manager
Projects are only successful if we take the best and worst case into account and don't let our clients bend us!


  • … are only successful if they are planned realistically
  • … need a human basis and a good inner attitude
  • … absolutely need the support of executives
  • … consist of individuals, lone fighters, and teams
  • … run in the right way when everyone takes responsibility
  • … need a clear structure and the appropriate framework

How many projects do we know that do not work?! Unfortunately, often too many! But why does something often go wrong? Where are the snags? I am sure you all know this!

Projects need a good structure and a clear project definition.

So, the project goals (SMART); the probabilities of success and the organizational framework. A work breakdown structure with a phase plan and work packages is also required. The structure only works if the inner attitude of the participants is lined up towards togetherness.
This assumes that we have made the right selection and have had a really good look at the project. This means that teamwork in a project can only work if I, as the client or manager, know what it is about. Clear roles, tasks, and more to avoid conflicts and bickering over responsibilities are essential. Likewise, good work organization and well-thought-out time and self-management.

Objections are not troublemakers, but rather the chance for something new and to show a good basis of communication and motivation. This is how the project will be successful!

So, projects must always be viewed holistically!

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