The systemic approach helps the change consultant to understand the relationships
The integral approach is based on holism


  • … is based on the concept of holism
  • … is a tool to better understand the connections
  • … becomes powerful when we combine it with Spiral Dynamics
  • … helps us to cope with current problems
  • … shows how thinking and acting are linked
  • … breaks up old behavior patterns and inspires new solutions
  • … pragmatically explains the challenges of organizations

The integral approach works with four spaces:

  • I: individually and internally; this room takes care of your own thoughts, emotions, and inner states
  • WE: collectively and internally; in this area we recognize the importance of relationships and grasp an understanding of the culture
  • YOU or ITs: outside and collectively; here we consider systems, structures, and the environment. AND it shows us how much we trust the system
  • It: outside and individual; with this space we see the observable behavior. So, we can recognize whether we are authentic. Whether we have an objective view and see the reflection of ourselves.

The integral approach helps us to look at changes in people and organizations holistically and to promote them positively. Because everything is related to everything and that is how we see the whole picture.

I like to incorporate these thoughts into my training, coaching, and advice. Because in this way I can awaken understanding and meet organizational and human challenges.

Remember: Your organizational health is based on these four pillars.

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