Training - Processes
Processes are mutually dependent
The correct and detailed representation of the actual situation of processes helps to plan the right steps to be successful!


Good processes ensure the company’s success and support projects and teams in the implementation of daily tasks.

However, companies often start this path without thinking about everyone involved. They develop good new steps and overlook those who are affected! It would be so easy to bring everyone in on this.

So, when we go into process analysis, it is essential to collect the right data, in the right place, with the right content. This is the only way we can present the initial situation clearly and unambiguously. We recognize conflicting steps, redundancies, and unnecessary loops immediately and see what can stay the same.

Good processes are therefore also finely coordinated, detailed structures. They are realistically implemented and flexible enough to be optimized and improved at any time. Regardless of whether we change our processes horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, it is always about finding the right fit.

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