Training - Teams
Teams needs space for rebellion
Teams or teamwork are often mispriced. We have to promote individuality as well as cooperation - the balance has to be right!


  • … are successful when they can optimally bring in their individuality
  • … work best when team coaching has taken place in advance
  • … should have communication at eye level
  • … are not only able to work in a team
  • … but are also capable of coping with criticism and conflicts
  • … are also virtually unbeatable if done right
  • … have a good drive when everyone works on themself
  • … need an inspiring leader
  • … live by diversity, use diversity, and cultivate diversity

As in my book, “Teams no thanks”, I explain that I must open my eyes to true leadership and humanity. If we do not value people, they will be in revolt. If we are open, then they will be, too! This is the only way that teams really work!

We need a respectful inner attitude; we need to be able to show emotions and understand needs. With the right strategy, good structures, and the power of culture, you push the team engine.

This requires initiative of one’s own as well as keeping an eye on opportunities.
Care for talents, take responsibility, and be open. The challenge increases with virtual teams, because I also must moderate online and present online, something that has to be learned too.

A team is only as good as it is led. Good leadership means that the interaction with one another is respectful, appreciative, and authentic, and the boss rallies for and is connected with the  team. So, he must be committed to the right basic conditions, live as a role model and also value a good balance between work and relaxation.

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