Change consultant - Skills and behavior
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Skills and behavior show who we are and what we can make of ourselves


  • … are the basis for being authentic
  • … are the key to successful change
  • … show what I can do
  • … prepare the foundation for my further development
  • … tell me what to do for myself
  • … also tell me how I want to do one or the other

Change is an opportunity. There are no stable places on earth. The weather is constantly and enduringly shaping our landscape. Somewhere in the world there is an earthquake. Volcanoes and lava are permanently reshaping the earth. The lava, for example, is sometimes cold, sometimes warm, sometimes hot, sometimes soft, sometimes hard, … and it is the same in our lives. There is nothing permanent!

Change belongs to life, to people and to companies!
The basis for skillful management and effective leadership is a good culture of trust, a well-developed personality, suitable structures, and the necessary skills and abilities!

The external view of my abilities is shaped by my self-management. Can I approach the change calmly and attentively, do I have my time management under control? My environment looks at whether my way of working is effective and whether I can create space for participation.

Change only happens when I am also capable of change. So, when I have the potential for change, I can confidently search for solutions. How is my learning behavior, how great is my knowledge and how much confidence do I have in my own performance? Only if I can master crises can I remove obstacles and create room for design scope.

Leadership style counts

That, in turn, is reflected in my leadership style. It shows whether I am there as a sparring partner, coach for my employees and colleagues, or as a powerful person spraying my poison. Three essential factors for good leadership behavior are politeness, openness and taking responsibility, with all the consequences; therefore, take risks sometimes.

Only when I truly embody the culture and my personality, only then am I authentic!

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