Training - Time management
Having time means setting priorities in time management
Time management is just as important as self-management, because only we are masters of our time, nobody else!


  • … clearly says: „I have time!“
  • … is the preparation of effectiveness and efficiency in process management
  • … uses tools and methods, but urgently needs personal responsibility
  • … mainly revolves around wanting and being able to
  • … only works when I step out of my comfort zone
  • … is not a question of others, but my own!

Often, I experience the order interview on time management or work organization as a requirement to learn tools – nothing more! For example, topics like effectiveness and efficiency; ABC analysis; Eisenhower principle etc.
If there is enough time for the seminar 😉, further methods can be learned. How, for example, to use the alpine method or also work with checklists on drivers, performance curve, and performance balance.

These are all great tools – no question about it – but do they really help to get the „time problem“ under control?

After all, there are people with different needs behind it!
And good time management only works if we keep the big picture in mind. If the structure is limping, I do not have time! Even if I lack skills or abilities, I do not have time! If I do not have the time, it becomes more difficult to work together!

It is up to us!

So, it is entirely up to me whether I can get the time under control!

So, it is also a product of your own endurance. How consistently, can you implement and endure what you have set out to do? In addition, how frequently does the weaker self -appear and make life difficult for us? And how many times does life pull us down and we no longer know – how to get out?

Time managemen,t therefore, has many factors that need to be considered holistically.

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