Coaching - Individual coaching
Einzelcoaching für die persönliche Entwicklung
Individual coaching as a personal and confidential development measure


  • only works on a voluntary basis
  • is only effective and successful if we proceed in a highly individualized manner
  • can only stimulate change, the coached must change himself
  • is mobile, online, flexible, solution and future-oriented
  • refers to inborn drives and unconscious conditioning
  • also includes emotional social learning and communication
  • should also be part of health management
  • serves to clarify and strengthen self-worth

Individual coaching means accompanying and appreciating talent and experience.

Individual coaching takes place with me in the coaching mobile. Or on request via telephone or internet.

I use a wide range of different tools and methods as well as exciting analyzes. This is because people, or rather personalities, should not only be viewed from one side. That is why I like to take advantage of a holistic view. Depending on what my customers, the coached, and clients, allow.

Individual coaching is a general confrontation on self-perception. And it reflects the perception of others. It serves to recognize the limits of one’s own thinking. And it serves to find paths to act beyond that. This helps the individual to find new approaches and ideas for further development. So, there is nothing in the way of changing behavior. This is solely the responsibility of the coached.

I am a companion who, supportively and empathically, awakens the best in people. Because I often “persist” deeply, I hit the core. As a result, my talking is open not veiled. I speak the truth.

The coaching interviews are confidential. Even if my clients want something different. Because if I breach trust, it shows up very quickly in the health and voluntariness of the coached and they may shy away from the process.

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