Moving target

… lives from instability and dynamism.

A moving target also lives from tension, beauty, the NEW and the unknown.

All in our life are moving goals. Even we ourselves. Human evolution is far from over, and so is our path of development, which alternates between action and reaction.
AND evolution does not strive for perfection, but we are the product of our DNA, upbringing, events, and experiences. So, we sometimes „tinker“ with our goal ourselves or are shaped by the circumstances.

Moving target in different forms. Sometimes cold, sometimes frozen, sometimes warm, sometimes ....

Circumstances are always a moving target!

Depending on what we experience, the path we take changes! And so, the goal to which we are striving is constantly changing. Changes often arise purely „by chance“ because the climate changes, the circumstances, the people, the situation, …

Countless actions move us every day to rethink ourselves, our behavior, or thinking about others. This shifts our perception; we may get out of step or take advantage of it at the expense of other people. Or go your own new positive path!

A moving target, in full bloom for the birds in summer and the same but different in winter

Just like winter (in the picture) forms beautiful ice crystals and makes the plants pause. So that they can summon up from it in spring and have the necessary moisture for their seeds directly.
So, these seeds are available to a new generation of sunflowers and birds.

Generations of people are constantly reshaping their targets

Do you know that, the „seniors“ moans the „young“ and the „younger“ scolds the „elder“. But that is not new. We have been doing this for thousands of years. Elders generally prejudge younger people. There is also a great quote to that:

The different ages of humans consider each other to be different races:
Old people have usually forgotten they were young, or they forget they are old, and young people never realize that they can get old.

Quelle: Kurt Tucholski, Der Mensch, Lerne Lachen ohne zu Weinen, 1931

Every generation should have the chance to develop as they want. Of course, there brings with it a lot of dynamite. But this is it, what moves us to discover and create new things.

Every generation is a moving target. Because every generation must handle new actions and circumstances that may not have existed before. Every generation must learn to move freely in its own development. Only then can we all learn something.

I wish you every success!

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