Leader's role

… means not to wear a mask!!!

But unfortunately, I come across a lot of masks, especially in the upper management levels.

If you really want to run a company in an innovative and successful way, then you must start with you and your colleagues at your level.

You are the role models for the levels below!

What is your role as a leader? What is to be risked?

It is not a role; it is a task!

Do you know the sayings: „the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree“ or „as you train them you have them“?

They are harbingers of your leadership style! If you are annoyed with your employees, then something went wrong with you. Do you wonder why they are rebellious or have different ideas than you? Or maybe you do not care, but then you don’t have to wait long and the mood changes into bad. If you do not notice this, you will notice it at the latest in „sloppy“ work, late delivery of the task or a termination. … there is a lot more!

I would like an honest look at yourself to your role as a leader!

Do you already hear the „yes but“ in yourself?! Of course, because you feel the challenge. You are affected… are afraid of losing control, privileges and influence could dwindle…. And when it comes to agility, openness, flexibility, and creativity, then only if you are not affected yourself!

Successful implementation

Be honest, strengthen your empathy and have the courage to tackle it!

  • Make sure everything is up and running. As complexity increases, we cannot be sure what will happen and what will come. Get more open, it does not have to be perfect!
  • Create space for you and the others!
  • Save the space for you and the others … and let it go!
  • It only works through the people who work with and for you! You are successful through them, not alone and not with them!
  • „Learning by doing“ or in German we would say: „No master has fallen from heaven yet“. Do it, practice, and practice again. Look for ideas, make mistakes, promote your initiative, … if none of that works – then do something else.

Nothing happens without risk – and without risk nothing happens

quote from Walter Scheel

  • Start small; in small steps, one by one! Look for more dynamism in your steps. Find the people, the steps, the tasks that will move you forward. Big distances can usually be reached in small steps!
  • Start by stopping! Get that out of the way, what it does not and who does not! Maybe you are too!
  • What is stopping you from going new ways? Ask the others – bring people together! Find better, new ways and find them together! See what is missing and start over!
  • Look closely at the resistance! Ask people what bothers them! Be brave and put your pride in your pocket!

The smallest steps have the greatest effect. Control the process, work on your behavior, and revise your inner attitude! Stay tuned continuous and keep looking forwards, backwards, upwards, and downwards and finally in between!

You do not have a role, but a task, maybe even a destiny!

I wish you all the best!

If you need help, just contact me!

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