Allrounder or specialist?

.. do we really have to choose?

Can we use what we have because even in certain situations and topics?

What if I focus on one topic? Is that bad?

What if I want to keep an overview? Is that bad?

Allrounder or specialist or the super specialist

The balancing act from allrounder to specialist

Each expression has advantages and disadvantages or positive and negative characteristics.

Where we go and want to go has something to do with our personality, our development, and our character. We ourselves are responsible for where our life leads us!

The same goes for companies; If we are only looking for one or the other, in the end we are missing something for a holistically successful company. Depending on the task, area and department, every company must think about what makes sense and when. Make the decision and consider the consequences.

Both sides of the coin

If I move to the far left, by the super specialist or also referred to as a specialist idiot or nerd, then this person covers a niche for me. There is a clearly defined task.

The Corona crisis has shown us that this extreme can often be harmful. For example, the pilots were out on the street because there were hardly any or no planes in the air.

This extreme specialization also creates a limited perspective, for me as a person and for the company. I become inflexible and when my knowledge is no longer needed, I become unemployed.

If I move all the way to the right to become an allrounder or generalist, then this person covers an overview. He is familiar with higher-level tasks, has a wide range of interests and is suitable.

Here, too, the Corona crisis has shown us that people and companies have quickly switched, for example to home office or the use of the existing machines and technologies to produce masks.

This diversity and flexibility also require routine and experience to be able to perform as a multi-talent. I must be able to make decisions by consensus and to prioritize them objectively.

Do I need allrounders as a company or super specialists?

This decision depends very much on the requirements. As described above, all versions have advantages and disadvantages.

I must be aware of whether I value depth or breadth of knowledge.

AND I myself or as a company, can move from LEFT TO RIGHT. This can be done by offering and using job enrichment, job enlargement or rotation. I can let people gain general experience and offer cross-departmental projects. It is important not to forget the soft skills. It takes an amount of personal development and employee motivation to begin this journey.

But I can also go my way from RIGHT TO LEFT. By using my interest and diversity to delve deeper into one or the other topic. If desired or required.

Holistic and integral when we talk about an allrounder!

For example, the integral approach and the holistic view are useful and helpful for the management of a company.

A managing director should be more of a generalist and consultant for the company. He should focus on the entire corporate interest. This is only possible with holistic thinking and acting. Because only then do I see and understand the connections. It is the knowledge of doing and being, therefore the roots and the treetop in one!

The same applies to the personnel department. I meand the the employee who recruits others or the person who is responsible for personnel development. The same applies to health management or to consultants, coaches and trainers like me. It is important to see the people and the company as a whole.

Only when we see and recognize the connections do we have a chance to lead the company successfully into the future. Because only then can we decide whether we want specialists, practitioners, or allrounders. Or still something else.

If you want to go deeper into that, just contact me!

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