Skills are diversity

… in doing and over time.

If we are confronted with unfamiliar situations or consciously sent into a change, our perception changes.

We are confronted with a possible incompetence to the previous basic conditions.

We can strengthen competence and skills if we start of in a small way

Skills - Incompetence - Compensation Competence

We humans are very exciting beings. We can all handle with incompetence. Because what we do is usually to restore previous satisfaction by compensating with another competence.

Because so far, we have been satisfied. It does not matter what competence it is. Our incompetence in this ability was rather unconscious to us. It only becomes conscious when, for example, we perceive upcoming changes as a criticism the existing.

But when do we talk about competencies and skills? Usually when changes are facing. Or in performance reviews, interviews, feedback interviews, evaluations, career jumps, applications, … etc.

A multitude of desired skills then throw its full strength at us!

Diversity vs. Self-Knowledge

  • C to act
  • Change C
  • Communication C
  • Conflict C
  • Customer orientation C
  • Decision-C
  • Digital C
  • Emotional C
  • Entrepreneurial C
  • Intercultural C
  • Leadership C
  • Methods C
  • Personality C
  • Problem solving C
  • Process C
  • Professional C
  • Result orientation C
  • Self-management C
  • Social C
  • Strategic C
  • Systemic C
  • Team-C
C stands for competence

The demands are high on everyone.

What we must develop for this is a trust in our own personal future viability.
This also includes trust in ourselves.
When we gain insight into the complexity of change, we also have a chance to put doubts aside.

So, we must question things. Only when we learn to unlearn the familiar and try out new things, only then do we have a chance to turn anger, fears, failure into success, joy, and confidence. If we accept this emotionally, we also create a conscious competence.

Self-knowledge is skills and benefit!

When there is self-knowledge that we have gained competence, stability also returns to our life. We can now move to a „higher level“.

So, it does not help to compensate the incompetence with another competence. We must handle specifically with knowing and unknowingness. We also must trust ourselves to regain certainty.

These changes are constantly happening in us, sometimes noticed, sometimes unnoticed. Sometimes desirable and sometimes undesirable! Often it is too quick, sometimes it is too slow! So, we also need patience to be satisfied again!


Sometimes something like that seems too aloof – doesn’t it?!

But these are exactly the requirements that I see in management guidelines, values, and other company documents. Without doubt – they are all great competencies and skills, each with the right characteristics.

But what do we do with the employees and managers? We put them under pressure – in some places even very severe.

The personal conversation is in the foreground!

From my point of view, the personal conversation is more important. Where do you stand? What do you need to master your task and the challenges? What can we change so that working together is successful? …

We are talking about people in companies. With needs, wishes, and fears. The company’s culture urgently needs to consider with cooperation and not just with competences and structures!

So, es I am very grateful that in a few companies that has already arrived. Positions like CCO’s (CCO – Chief Culture Officer) are established to take care of culture and cooperation. It is a beginning that hopefully will not be abused. But there must be more!

We must start small. Everyone counts – because diversity counts!

We can strengthen competence and skills if we start of in a small way

Every single seed, every single blade of grass need water, earth, and air to grow. Every single fiber has a specific competence and task. It is just „made for it”!
In interplay they are strong!

This creates then a large meadow …

If you would like to have an idea about change, development, personality, and culture, then talk to me!

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