Reinvent yourself!

… and redefine yourself!

This is the time, the hour, and the conditions for thinking about yourself.

Now you can ask yourself why you are here; what you really want and much more!

Reinvent yourself

Redefine yourself!

As soon as you know why you are here, what the meaning and purpose of your existence here is, it is easier for you to keep an eye out. Look out for new things, for your own reinvention!

You can finally start remove the dust and cleaning. Look at what makes you special, what has brought you this far. Where your strengths lie, but also where the things that you would most like to get rid of. Clean up!

Look what has kept you healthy in the last few years, months, look what has made you sick! What you tripped over and what you got caught up in.


Sobald Du weißt, warum Du hier bist, was der Sinn und Zweck Deiner Existenz hier ist, fällt es Dir leichter Ausschau zu halten. Ausschau nach neuen Dingen, nach Deiner eigenen Neuerfindung!

Endlich kannst Du mit dem Entstauben und groß Reinemachen anfangen. Schau hin, was Dich ausmacht, was Dich bis hierhergebracht hat. Wo Deine Stärken liegen, wo aber auch die Dinge, welche Du am liebsten loswerden möchtest. Räum auf!

Schau, was Dich in den letzten Jahren, Monaten gesund gehalten hat, schau was Dich krank gemacht hat! Über was Du gestolpert bist und in was Du Dich verfangen hast.

Reinvent yourself!

Imagine you now have a treasure map in your hand! You know where to find the treasure!

That is now imprinted in your head – you want to go there – reinvent yourself!

To do this, you must have a good look on your old wounds and drawers that you put yourself into. The new path can also make your situation worse!

It depends entirely on you – if and when you want to move on!
Get up now! Stand up and kick your bucket instead of complaining! It is you, not the others!

Get it clear in your head. Where is your strength, what gives you courage and what helps you to proceed?!
Only you can decide whether you want to continue on or not!

See it as an opportunity of your life, no matter which direction you go!
Make the best of it for you!

Find your own rhythm, your own path, new goals that will make you happy!

Because we are often not even aware of how much strength 💪🏼 lives in us and how ready 😳🤔 we are for new things!

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