Dark traits

We find dark personality traits in Machiavellians, narcissists, psychopaths, sadists, and a few others …

In their pronounced form, these can either make us infuriate or even fascinate us.

The difficult thing is to take them where they are and show them what they trigger (positive as well as negative).

Dark traits of our personality control our coexistence

The characteristics of these personalities mentioned above are diverse

These people are seen negatively …

  • selfish, vain, and egomaniacal
  • behave autocratically
  • ready to fight and take risks
  • have a sense of status and power
  • boastful, have high expectations and are intolerant
  • exaggerating and megalomaniac, bragging, complacent and arrogant
  • narcissistic and they have a kind of love-hate relationship towards others
  • manipulative, hypocritical, dishonest and act over the heads of others
  • spiteful and tricky when mistakes are made
  • also, someone who blames others

But they are also seen positively …

  • venturesome and brave
  • purposeful and result-oriented
  • confident and self-assured
  • impulsive
  • empathic
  • humorous and entertaining
  • eloquent
  • charming and charismatic
  • competent and conscientious
  • sociable
  • innovative
  • engaged

Dark traits are just as important as light ones

Especially when it comes to executives, we should argue with it.

People who have the above characteristics and traits are bursting with strength, are visionary and can drive many things forward. So, TOP executives 🙂

But in exaggerated form, instead of in moderation, this dynamic usually leads the employees to court the favor of this manager. They seek their closeness, defend these bosses and insist on the WE-feeling. They all want to be part of a bigger whole.

That in turn puts the manager under a lot of pressure. He must prove almost every day how good he is to secure his/her own authority. Failure to succeed will damage power, authority, and his/her own freedom. This then drives them into resistance at some point. Then there are sentences like:

  • „We are all in the same boat.“
  • „We stick together.“
  • „You also want to be part of something bigger.“
  • „This is how we all become [COMPANY NAME]-aners / -ians / – …“

Indispensable loyalty and social cohesion are required. It does not matter whether it makes sense at this point or not!

Perceive the bright features and support the people!

Many of the above traits, including the dark ones, are healthy. If we manage to bring the dark ones to a good level and strengthen the light ones, then inspiring leaders will emerge!

We all have certain experiences, beliefs, adventures, and a past that have shaped us. If we manage to change perspective and sharpen perception, we will not only help ourselves, but also these people! If they want, then!!!

Change means doing this on all levels – and first with ourselves!

If you have the courage for your own change, then I will be happy to help you. Just get in contact with me!

Sources: for the basics: Wikipedia – the triad; Wikipedia – Sadist; Karrierebibel, the rest is personal experience.

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