Look behind

In the foreground we often recognize structures, traits and other things that stands out.

But if we take a closer look, we also see that something else can be seen behind it.

Unfortunately, the view behind it is obscured either by others or by us!

Look behind opens up new perspectives

Shape your perspective

How is it when we look closely at this example, i.e., sharpen our eyes. What do we see?!

We see at first glance:

  • a meadow
  • a corn field
  • Trees on a hill
  • and a power pole with lines

Now let us take a closer look:
Because behind the power pole in the foreground, we can see even more power poles. But not exactly and we cannot count them either. So, what to do?

Take a change of perspective and look behind!

The right look behind

So, if we ONLY move to the side, then we can see the other electricity pylons behind them. And there are many!

We would not have seen them if we had not changed our perspective.

So, it’s up to us whether we do it or not!

Transferred: Whether we want to see what’s behind us, and others is entirely up to us.
Our own drive and our own personality determine whether we do it or not!

Look close!

So, if we want to see or experience more of ourselves and of others, then we must look closer.

This can be done, for example, by simply asking! Just ask a few questions. Then you will already see if your counterpart answers! In that case you must take responsibility for it!

This is also possible if we tell something about ourselves! This allows the other to get to know our perspective. We have the chance to explore our blind spot and tell others something about ourselves. Because sometimes we just need someone to talk to.

So, do not step on the spot, but move, change your perspective, and look closely. Worth it. Because no matter what you find out, whether good or bad, you now know what to do with it and how it can go on. So, you have a solution!

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