… is an expression of our being. It is behind when we „appear“ in a certain form.
It sets us apart, our essence and shows us what our personality is.

But the character is also our inner attitude and strength, our standard that we live every day.

AND our character changes with every new knowledge and through every new situation.

Our character forms and develops over many years

We are sharpened during our life

At the beginning we do not know any suffering. Because at the beginning we have predispositions, gene combinations and other things that we are born with. They are the basis for our character!

Then life sharpens and carves us. All changes, all experiences and situations and maybe also difficult times that we go through work on our character.

It is formed by us, by others to whom we listen, from whom we hide and by those to whom we look up. And many more …!

Characters are also often equated with stereotypes because they show certain characteristics, controlled by feelings and emotions.

Disney is good at that. In many films, certain „characters“ are hyped upon us and put into a pigeon-hole. For example, with „Inside Out“ by Pixar’s: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, and Fear.

If we look closely, these are the feelings that shape our character. And unfortunately, it is often what we only see in “types”. We pegged them on their behavior and the emotions they show to the outside world. But is that correct?
Sometimes yes because they help us “to come off”. Get out of the flood of information and into „simpler“ thinking. It helps us to regain order in our head and sometimes in our life. It is important that we do not remain in it, open the drawers again and look inside consciously!

A strong character is littered with scars

Next on the right side, the quote from Khalik Gibran. Yes, the more we „go through“ the stronger we become internally, but only if we want to. There are also many who come a cropper, unfortunately and, in the most varied of forms (human, verbal, in coping with themselves and with others, …)

But it is important to consider with your own wounds, to see the scars, to acknowledge and live with them and get rid of. To learn from it and to break new ground! Leave the section behind and look ahead!

We must be convinced that we are breaking new ground. We also must be convinced that we can do it, that we are strong enough for it!

It cannot be a dream; it has to be a goal that we plant thoughts in our heads. That is what drives us, that is the energy that we need to break new ground boldly and strongly!

“Harm created the strongest souls.
The strongest of all characters are littered with scars.“

Khalil Gibran

„Some people believe that perseverance makes us strong.
But sometimes to get rid of something strengthens us.“

Herman Hesse

„A conviction is not just an idea that our mind generates but seizes possession of it.“

Robert Oxton Bolton

I wish you all the best!

Strengthen your character, stand by yourself, to your uniqueness. And be brave to think one or the other about yourself!

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