Bicycle in mind

… helps us move faster.

Often our own products in the company, or even our own children, are always a step ahead of us.

Sometimes it takes a little push, maybe a bike, to chase after developments.

Bicycle in mind

Use a bicycle!

The future has just overwhelmed us!

But that is what we always think when suddenly Christmas is just around the corner!

The time for „remote work“, for digital work for online learning has been available to us for a long time. But unfortunately, we missed it, like with Christmas, to think about in a timely manner.

I had the opportunity to learn online and use blended learning as early as 2000 to bring a new progress into the company. But only now in 2020, in connection with the corona pandemic, people and companies are waking up.


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Analog versus digital

But this idea is already „old“. The analogue era gradually came to an end as early as the 1980-90s.

But nobody really realized it.

Computers and cell phones took over the business. Many young people with a drive in their head, a bike that gets them ahead faster, use the new technology.

And yes, many thanks to Steve Jobs and many others in this industry. You gave us the chance to become more effective and efficient.

The art of ability lies in the will!

But change only happens when we want to. 

Steve Jobs puts it well: „… We are starting to see, that, as business conditions change faster and faster with each year, we cannot change our management, hierarchical organizations very fast – relatively to the change of business conditions ….“

So only if we manage to become inspiring leaders. And then only if we can communicate openly and accept failures. Only then do we have a chance for personal and cultural change.

So, if companies and executives want to survive, we must be ready to change!

I am happy to accompany you as a person in this challenge! And I am also happy to accompany companies on this path!

Just contact me!

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