Continuous improvement

… is a matter of course for many when we talk about products, structures, and organizations.

But what about our own personal development? Why don’t we work on it continuously?

What is stopping us from working on ourselves?!

continuous improvement should also be the goal for us personally!

Continuous improvement on ourselves!


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Brick Experiment Channel
„Making Lego Car CLIMB Obstacles“

Here in the video, you can see how this little vehicle is getting bigger and more flexible. We can also see that it is always mastering new challenges.

It is particularly nice to see that the builder is sticking to it! He does not give up, trains, and builds until it works! Great!

Why can’t we do it when it comes to our personality?

What prevents us from working equally devotedly and consistently on our personal performance?

Successful implementation

  • We can adopt these topics from the CIP almost 1:1. We only get better if we think economically 😵😉. In this context, that means you cannot do everything at once. We too can only change step by step, sometimes more, sometimes less! It is important that we stick with it!
  • Another topic is continuous and targeted improvement. So only if we stick to it consistently, have a goal in mind, and above all for ourselves. Only then can we continue successfully! We do not dream but we work towards our goal!
  • In addition, decisions are required. Only when we make decisions for or against a path do we make progress. Without a decision, no process and thus no change and no new path!
  • It is also about appreciating one’s own for this path! How often do we have no patience for ourselves? And how often is it not enough! You can be a stand-up man. But you must be honest with yourself!
  • Ultimately, it is also a cultural issue and the inner attitude of yourself how you cope with yourself. The sooner you manage to get this into a rhythm and work steadily on yourself, the better it will be. That I can promise. Because from time to time it becomes easier for us, because we already know how to set about. And it gets more relaxed too!

I wish you all the best!

If you need help, just contact me!

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