Your dream

… is nowhere near a goal that you can achieve!

As long as you are dreaming, your dream will not work!

We usually have a blurry picture of what we want to achieve. Achieving the good intention behind, depends among other things, on our personality!

A dream is only achieved when we make a goal out of it. And you can only achieve a goal if there are acts behind it!

A dream is not yet a goal

Pay attention to the background!

It is often the case that we only have a vague idea of where and what we want to go! We sway back and forth, are insecure and maybe also afraid of what might come.

The background can usually be seen more clearly than the target itself. It is important to look at this background carefully, to analyze it and to draw conclusions from it.


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I have a dream!

That was Martin Luther King’s sentence as early as 1963. But it was just a dream. There were few concrete goals and measures to maintain this desired equality.

It is now 2020 and the people in the US and around the world are now fighting (ACTS) for their goal that all people count. For example, currently in the movement „Black lives matters“.

A dream only becomes a goal if action is followed!

The trick of turning a dream into an aim

  • So the first thing you have to ask yourself is what exactly is my target, goal, aim?
  • What do I dream of achieving?
  • You should also ask yourself why you dream of it!

By the way, sometimes it is easier to think about what you don’t want first!

Only when you have your aim clearly in mind it can go on!

The dream becomes the goal when the aim becomes clear

Only when you know where you want to go, what your aim is, it can go on.

Answering all this questions, you really are busy!

Only when you have fully answered these questions can you define the path you want to take to reach your goal. This path must be peppered with action! Only then will you achieve your goal! But keep in mind that there will always be setbacks, stumbling blocks and other resistances.

So, you need courage, perseverance, and a strong inner attitude. Because it is this that influences your drive and defines you!

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