… are true balance artists, are you one too?!

Are you a person who always straightens yourself up?
Or are you the one who is rocked by the environment.
Are you driven by others to find your own balance?

Or do you find your own balance?


Are you a tumbler - and agile enough?

  • Can you meet or avoid all the demands that others have on you?!
  • Are you flexible enough to meet your own requirements?!

What does it take to be a tumbler or standing man?!

Above all, you need courage! You also need an understanding and appreciation for yourself! So that you can find balance, you must know where your talents are and how to use them properly!

In any case, you should make sure that you have more energizer than energy leaks. AND that you know how to cope with stress (both positive and negative). Behind it are, for example, your time thieves, the human interaction, i.e., the culture in the company.
But there is also your own personality behind it. Do you speak to yourself as equals? Do you know your beliefs and are you also working on them?

Only if you look holistically at this, you have the chance to stay healthy.

If only one side becomes weaker or wobbles, you too will sway.

It is ok to waver!

It’s okay to wiggle, it’s important to find the balance between …

  • Work and private
  • Exertion and relaxation
  • Personal responsibility and restraint
  • Confident, independent, and respectful action
  • Courage and caution

So, get up – find the balance for yourself – that will make you happy and satisfied in the end!

By the way, in health management this is called resilience!

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