Tear down walls

… that must be our goal.

Because walls limit us and borders, exclude us.

We hide behind walls and they make us aloof. They hinder us to raise one’s eye to something else, new things and make us lonely!

Let us tear down walls to finally get on well with each other

Sense and purpose of walls!

  • Differentiate from, limit, seal off, cordon off, fence in, divide up
  • Draw a line, demonstrate power and strength, prevent flight and immigration Creating contours, marking out, dividing!
  • Giving security, protection, and support, connecting, gathering
  • Unknown keeping away from myself, from others
  • Ideological walls in people’s minds to separate cultures from one another

Here is a great overview of walls:

Tear down your own walls!

Often, we are blind to our own wall that we have built around us. We have lost our orientation and ourselves. We see ourselves only as victims and the others manipulate us.
The worst part is that we let that happen. We do not have the strength and energy to break out of this cycle. And so, we surrender to our fate and let ourselves drift in the shark tank.

But how does it work with the tearing? What can you do?

  • If you have ever asked yourself this question, then you’ve already taken the first important step!
  • Walls can protect, but often they also have a flaw:
    • For example, the Chinese wall had to be reopened by the Chinese themselves so that they could be helped in the war.
    • The Berlin Wall should stop the stream of refugees to create stability. But in 1989 it fell because with it, people were unable to maintain economic and political stability.
    • Search for the blemish in your wall yourself. I am sure you will find it!
  • Once you have found the blemish, there are many ways to tear down the wall:
    • Your inner drive helps
    • Your courage also helps
    • You also need inner strength because it plays a big part to making something happen.
    • It is in your hand; the others are just the means that keep you behind the wall. They are the poison that contaminates you.

Now it is up to you and your strength to tear down the wall! Only you can do it!

I wish you all the best!

If you need help, just contact me!

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