Bumper or buffer stop

… originate from a sound.

It makes puff or bof or pof and it stands for a dull noise or a bump. *
Noises that have a sound-imitating origin or reproduce dull acoustic impressions.

Do we thud onto the floor?
Are we squeezed together?
Or are we just the shock absorbers for a stormy atmosphere?

Bumper - the buffer stops of life

The bumper as an indicator for the mood, as a preserver, and buffer stop

A bumper, yes it can do even more!

  • He slows down the speed (e.g., on a train)
  • Or it protects against damage (e.g., as a fender on the boat)
  • It also promotes fun (the bumper on the bumper car)
  • In addition, it saves money (the flip case on the smartphone)
  • And it can taste too (potato pancakes)
  • Sometimes he makes us more beautiful (puffed sleeves)
  • Unfortunately, it can also cause pain by being pushed in the side by someone or having to endure a punch of the other person (verbal or non-verbal)
  • The “Duden-dictionary” even knows a „buffer state“. It is a small state between two great powers
  • We can also control buffers ourselves by giving ourselves more time or air. For us, for the others, for our project….
  • Ultimately, it is also the cache or cache memory in the computer
Train - buffer stop
Boat fender
Bumper car
Time bumper

The buffer gives us space, scope of action or air to breathe, to act, to evade, to relax, …. 
No, it is not the others who book our calendar, it is we ourselves who allow this!

Who is responsible?

Well, as always, WE ARE!

The bumper also has the meaning of the scapegoat. He is the object, the stupid or the lightning rod for others. „You are to blame, …“!
We are the bad seed or the stopgap. Because it is easier to put others forward as a front man: „It was not me!„, „I cannot help it„, it gets better by itself than mastering your life into your own hands.

It is our job to consciously define our own bumpers and to manage our own time right.

Build your own bumper!!!

Only if you manage to concentrate on reflecting on yourself, see failures and see them as opportunities for something new. Only then do you have a real chance! Because now you must learn to say NO. You must be able to stand up for yourself, endure the next steps totally and then with all the consequences!

A first great step: Do not let yourself be determined by others in the calendar, build in bumper!!!!

I wish you all the best! 
If you need help, just contact me!

* Sources: Duden 7 – the dictionary of origin / Duden 10 – the dictionary of meanings

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