My condition

… is what I show to the outside. This is mostly a mirror of my deepest inner being.

Some people are very good at pretending.

But if we keep an eye on their body language and tone of voice, we can find out very quickly whether the person we are talking to is authentic or not.


Our body language says a lot about our condition!

The stance that reflects our behavior usually reveals a lot about us and our self-confidence.

Here, Charlie Brown bows his head and wants to be depressed!

Depression is pleasure, he says.

Strenght an courage make the stance, the condition better!

It is very „easy“ to surrender to the depression, the stupid feeling, the discouragement or even a powerlessness.

But what do we do with it? This is also what Charlie tells us wonderfully here: „… because then you’ll start to feel better.“

If I manage to get out of the valley, I must do it actively. I must “straighten up and hold my head high …”, he says. But since this is obviously associated with exertion, he falls back again. He calls it joy.

I call it the powerlessness and despondency to take care of yourself. Yes, to be happy, satisfied, and self-determined, you need strength and courage. We can only move forward when we recognize what motivates us.

But that is easier said than done. Because if we do not take a closer look to ourselves internally, it is hard to find out. AND it also shows that getting tangled up in emotional meshes and persisting in beliefs destroys our inner good intention to be happy.

Gain sovereignty over your past

If you manage to gain sovereignty over your past and yourself, then your stance will change too. Get into your personal condition management!

Because nothing can throw you off course so quickly. So, YOU can take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Then you have it in your own hands how you are and whether you let something, or someone pull you down.

Do not set your expectations too high. Be patient with yourself and develop an understanding of why you are where you are!

I am happy to help you, just get in touch with me!

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