A passage in life

In one of my many passages in life, I saw this year a „fog arc“ for the first time!

It was an incredible, but unfortunately ephemeral spectacle. Because when the sun rose completely, the fog was gone.

And that is exactly how it is for us in our lives!

A passage in life is always a part that we can experience

Enjoy every passage

There are many different transitions and passages in our life. We find some good, some less.

On the one hand, such a segment in our life can feel as if we are stuck in a tunnel or canal and cannot turn left or right. Or maybe you do not see the light at the other end of the tunnel. Then this time will be tedious and exhausting for you. It depends on whether you manage to resist, play to your strengths and break through! Because if so, this experience will help you change!

On the other hand, this passage can also beam a smile to your face. You enjoy every second of this moment and wish that it never ends! Just as I was able to enjoy this fantastic moment with the arc of fog on this one morning.

Dream journey

Speaker: Ursula Hesselmann
Music: Tomas Walker, CD Yoga

I have a moment of pleasure for you

Here I have attached a dream journey for you, where you can relax and enjoy a moment of peace. You can also do something for your health here 🙂

Set up yourself for this:

  • Phone / smartphone off
  • Colleagues take over your phone if necessary
  • Quiet in the room / door closed
  • if you can, lie down, if not, make yourself comfortable in a chair
  • now enjoy almost 10 minutes of rest and relaxation

Just as you could (hopefully) enjoy this part, this moment, you should see every passage of your life as a gift. Make a goal out of your dream!

If you manage to pull yourself out of the depths, then you will become stronger, more courageous, and more confident. Then you know that you can master a lot!

But it is up to you!

Only you can decide where your section, your path, your passage will take you.
Open your gate for your new future – it is worth it!

If you need help and support, just contact me. Or subscribe to this blog, there are always good tips to help you work on yourself.

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