Change over time

Change over time

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Why many things are repeated – but – nevertheless different!

What was this about?

First, we examined the many years of human history to see what has changed over the years.

It was about the realization that we are experiencing constant change and permanent change. We have an influence on it and it only depends on whether we CAN and WANT to change.

The second is the decisive factor, because without the will to change yourself or the situation for yourself, you get stuck in the victim role. So, we cannot realize our values and motives as we would like. With this we block our way to satisfaction and calm.

It is always exciting to experience the many OH’s and AH’s that can be heard when the topic is presented. The participants get to know and understand themselves and their environment better. So, everyone can define a new way in life for themselves in the change over time.

I wish all my listeners good luck in their future lives!

Thank you for the active participation and the great discussions and conversations that followed.

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