Coffee and love

… two inseparable topics!

What do coffee and love have to do with each other?
Why should they be inseparable?

Find out …

love and coffee

Many speak of love,
but they do not live it!

This love is a bit
like powdered coffee,
that never brought
into contact with water!

Let’s think about it, especially when we have the feeling to stir-crazy, where is the love? Do we still hear or feel love?

We have an incredibly human being in front of us, and we do not see it, do not smell it and often do not want to understand it. What if we think about whether our partner, i.e. our counterpart, needs more care and attention? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to enjoy a relaxed and extensive taste experience ☕ together?

Coffee needs water to fully unfold!

What if we think about what needs we and our counterparts have! Have we ever thought about it?
What if we wonder if it is always about us? Maybe it would be nice to focus on the other! Think of the other too! Look for the good sides of your counterpart and appreciate them!

So, we need our counterparts so that we can blossom into fullness. If love is strong, it unfolds incredible strengths in us. We can release a load and get involved with our counterpart. Let it happen!

If our expectations are too high, we cannot do this, so we will stay dry and dry up like the coffee powder.
We lose taste, reputation, and color. So now, we usually do not like ourselves anymore!

Only when we are honest and show that we can grow with and through each other, only then we grow up and are ready for love and good relationship.

Love and coffee are related!

So, it never works alone!

Just as coffee powder depends on water to develop, so do we on many other things!
We can only grow to full strength and greatness if we allow our counterpart to complete us.

We are strong individually, but we are unbeatable together!

Or do you have the feeling that something else is needed when you drink good coffee?
Yes? Then you should ask yourself if it is the right one (coffee)!

love and coffee - coffeelove
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