… are our reinsurance and our protection to survive difficult times.

But be careful:
It should not be too full or too empty. Because if you do not have enough energy, it will roll away from you. Before you become stable and sound, it should stand and not roll, otherwise it will overwhelm us in the end.

Energizers are important

A Look into the energy barrel helps

It is important to take a close look into your energy tank

Only when we can take a conscious look into our energizer do we know how it is!
Energy robbers make the barrel leaky. And sometimes it drips out unnoticed and we wonder where our energy has gone.

But who are they, these energy thieves?

  • Too much work that you must cope with. You have way too much to do
  • Conflicts in the family or at work
  • Constant interruptions at work or in private life.
  • Sometimes you just cannot stay tuned …
  • Or you feel drained, maybe you are in a personal life crisis
  • You do not get any recognition or praise
  • There are a lot of „backside conversations“ and they burden you

Fill your energizer

Yes, unfortunately, the barrel does not fill up by itself!

It is you who can do something to ensure that the robbers do not take everything away from you. To do this, however, you must look deeper into the barrel, and you have to look deeper into yourself.

  • Who am I?
  • What I want?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • What can I do to improve myself?
  • What did I do in the past to make me feel better?

Use your energizer as a booster!!

energizer as a booster

Some ideas

I brought you a few ideas here. Find out for yourself what you like.
You can feel it very quickly when a smile crosses your face while reading or you immediately begin to develop fantasies or indulge in reminiscences …

  • Concentrate on what makes you happy!
  • Throw off what burdens you – „get rid of“ is the magic word
  • Find quiet working hours and a quiet room – tear down walls if there is no other way
  • Say NO, too
  • Plan of what you are going to do. But plan your goals SMART – above all realistically achievable.
  • Complete the planned tasks one at a time and reward yourself for it
  • So, celebrate the successes you achieve
  • Celebrate it with your partner, friends, acquaintances, the boss, …
  • Bring your hobbies to life. Maybe there is something that is in the corner. Dig it out and set about it.
  • Eat right, eat healthy
  • Drink enough and sleep enough – have a good sleep!
  • Relax … sometimes with autogenic training, dream trips, on a walk, …
  • Your body is the mirror of your energy level – listen to it and take care of it!

I wish you all the best!
If you need help, just contact me!

Pictures: pixabay, Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke

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