What we do for you!

The tasks of a freelance consultant and trainer include not only acquisition, marketing, administration, quality assurance, finances and controlling, but above all the topics that affect our customers.

We grow with our customers!

Change happens constantly, so the portfolio, our knowledge and, thus, also our tasks are constantly expanding. So, if you have any issues that concern you for which you are looking for a solution, please contact us!


Our tasks therefore include:

  • General advisory tasks
  • Coaching and systemic support is another large part of our range of tasks
  • We can also fall back on a large variety of training measures
  • We also analyze the PD / OD process and build on it the right concept for you
  • To do this, we carry out a need’s analysis (target, target group, framework conditions, transfer design)
  • And then we make the necessary diagnosis, for example, on backgrounds and grounds, history, resistance, emotions, and participants
  • Because we can then work out the concept for you (learning objective, method, technology, modules, communication message). When developing consulting and training assignments, we always keep an eye on the needs of the organization and should also know them beforehand
  • The formulation of the initial situation and the desired objectives are also important in the commissioning phase
  • In this way, the consultation and training can also be carried out successfully
  • We understand the challenges of adult education and create a safe and creative atmosphere for advice and training
  • Since a team building process is very important in the corporate world, we help to strengthen it. Because with it we can build an appreciative culture with you
  • Finally, a conclusive evaluation and lessons learned discussion are useful and necessary. Because with it we can compare the offer, the program, and the output. Transfer protection has only taken place if we see a change and you do as well
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