3ter Schnupperworkshop zu Spiral Dynamics

3rd taster course about Spiral Dynamics

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Managing directors

One day taster course in November 2017

At the last workshop this year, the wishes and expectations of this workshop were focused learning and understanding this model. Also, there was great interest in getting to know the possibilities for use as well as recommendations for cultural change.


  • First it was about the basics of Spiral Dynamics
  • Furthermore, we also looked into the positive and negative manifestations of values and behaviors
  • Also, we practiced the relationship to videos, people and politics and a lot more
  • In addition, I was concerned about topics i.e., in the EGO / IT / WE / THEY, the quadrants from the integral model of Ken Wilber.
  • Finally, we deepened the analysis of two departments to recognize the mood and what the boss and the staff contribute to it. We also had a culture and structure profile, based on which we elaborated the current situation and the desired orientation. In doing so, clear obstacles and necessary measures were taken, which opened a new path and, thus, opportunities for change.

All in all, the participants got great help at this Spiral Dynamics foretaste workshop in November 2017. We found good arguments and explanations for current situations, future strategies, and for handling employees, colleagues, and bosses.

3rd taster course and its topics

As in the previous workshops in March and July, the participants had the opportunity to choose from a variety of topics. As a result, they decided on the following topics:

  • The first thing was to find out how decisions in the company are made in the first place
  • We also worked on the culture of communication, including how we talk to each other and the development paths for good communication
  • It was also about the characteristics of an organizational culture. Is there competition in the company or is the culture more formally controlled or is there an equal and participative culture?
  • Other important issues inculded handling conflicts
  • In addition, everyone’s readiness and willingness to change
  • And finally, we also worked on the management mandate, i.e., how managers, executives are named and what power they get?

We discussed these topics in a joint dialogue. We combined the Spiral Dynamics model with our experiences, and we also used the integral model of Ken Wilber.

Feedback and participants

  • It was a great workshop. I am very inspired and amazed at how well you managed to get across such a complex model. Very motivating
  • It was a great exciting day, which I must digest now, because it was quite multilayered and complex. There are other approaches in it and therefore this topic has a lot of potential for me
  • For me, the derivation from human history was very exciting and it was much deeper than other models I know
  • I’m glad we talked about evolution, not revolution. And I’m thinking to start a small pilot group. To get an impression how suitable it will be for my company
3ter Schnupperworkshop

If you feel like taking part in such workshops – then get in touch with me!

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