1st taster course Spiral Dynamics

1st taster course
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1st taster course in March 2017

The aim of this trial workshop was, among other things, to understand others better as well as how corporate culture fits the employees, how conflicts are dealt with, what strategy the company is pursuing, what the management style is, etc.
We worked on many topics, and, above all, in a mutual dialogue. We linked the Spiral Dynamics model with our experience, and we also used Ken Wilber’s integral approach.

The wishes and expectations of this workshop ranged from „curious“, „open“, „new perspectives“ to „having a nice day“ – an all-round successful day for everyone.

We had a lot of fun and there were a lot of AHA effects.

The focus was on the following topics

  • First, the positive and negative characteristics of values and behavior
  • We also practiced the assignment of films, people, politics, and other things
  • In addition, it was about topics in the I / IT / WE / YOU, i.e., the quadrants from the integral model by Ken Wilber. It is about coaching, your own personality, willingness to change, dealing with conflicts, organizational structure, teams, and team analyzes or process realignments and many other interesting topics
  • Finally, we deepened the analysis of two departments to see what the mood is like and what the boss and the employees are contributing to it. We also had a cultural and structural profile, based on which we elaborated the current situation and the desired orientation. This revealed clear obstacles and necessary measures that open a new path and thus opportunities for change.

All in all, the participants at this 1st taster course in March 2017 received great help, good arguments and explanations for current situations, future strategies, and tip for dealing with your employees, colleagues, and bosses.

Feedback and participants

  • A great workshop
  • Now I am even more interested in this subject
  • I know already where I will install it
  • Luckily you, Mrs. Hesselmann, are a consultant – is already quite complex
  • Fascinating what you can read and experience
1ter Schnupperworkshop

If you’d like to take part yourself – then get in touch with me!

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