2nd taster course with Spiral Dynamics

2nd taster course of Spiral Dynamics

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Managing directors

One day taster course in July 2017

The wishes and expectations for this workshop were “Ideas for possibilities in human resource development”, “How to accompany change processes”, “take along new impulses”, “let me surprise” and the issue “new development of leadership in the company”.


  • First it was about the basics of Spiral Dynamics
  • Furthermore, we also looked into the positive and negative manifestations of values and behaviors
  • We also practiced the assignment of films, people, politics, and other things
  • In addition, I was concerned about topics i.e., in the EGO / IT / WE / THEY, the quadrants from the integral model of Ken Wilber.
  • Finally, we deepened the analysis of two departments to recognize what the mood is like and what the boss and the staff contribute to it. We also had a culture and system profile, based on which we elaborated the current situation and the desired orientation. In doing so, clear obstacles and necessary measures were taken, which opened a new path and thus opportunities for change.

All in all, the participants received great help, good arguments and explanations for current situations, future strategies, and for acting with your employees / colleagues and bosses, at this Spiral Dynamics foretaste workshop July 2017.

2nd taster course and its topics

In this taster workshop, as in the last in March, the participants had the opportunity to choose from a variety of topics. As a result, the participants decided to examine:

  • Changeability of employees
  • Attitude of employees to coaching
  • And the topic of handling conflicts was an exciting group task
  • We also discussed the human image we have of others
  • In addition, the characteristics of organizational structures and their development possibilities were an important issue for the participants
  • Finally, we discussed the structures of meetings in the company and their possible variants

We discussed these topics in a joint dialogue. We combined the Spiral Dynamics model with our experience, and we also used the integral model of Ken Wilber.

Feedback and participants

  • A great workshop
  • Yet I am even more interested in this topic
  • I think about it all the time, where I can implement it
  • As a result, I can only say: “I would like to introduce you and this model into our new concepts”
  • Especially relevant to me was to meet you!
  • Great and good location
2ter Schnupperworkshop

If you’d like to take part yourself – then get in touch with me!

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