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4th group in the
Team Leader Program

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Target group

Team leader

4th group in the team leader program

This time, the participants are widely distributed from the company.

So we are talking about marketing, production, retail sales and internal sales force. Industrial engineering and a process optimizer are also present. This group is very exciting because everyone has a different challenge in everyday life.

Content and process

In this new group, too, the content is prepared on a group-specific and individual basis. Depending on the maturity level of the individual participants. In addition, there are the optimization requests from the previous groups.

Group 4 – TLP

It is about personal position determination and, in this case, also about a personality analysis carried out in advance. And of course the all-embracing basis – communication. In addition, we take care of topics such as time management and presentation techniques. With this, we then go strengthened into the art of conducting good conversations. The logical conclusion is then the focus on one’s own personality. Since we are talking about executives here, the topics of leadership, team and motivation are also important components. Finally, there is an assessment of the current situation. This also provides feedback to the HR department, HRD and the higher-level managers.

Transfer and sustainability!

This group, like groups A + B + C before it, also has WBTs (Web Based Trainings) to work on in between and also group work to do in smaller teams. In this way, we overcome the weaker self, promote the transfer and sustainability.

Thank you for the continuation and another year of exciting topics!

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