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Team Leader Program

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Target group

2 groups

Team leader program in different versions

Due to different requirements and needs, there are different variants for my customer and the participants. And because of Corona, it was about implementing as much as possible online. So, we could start the programs despite lockdown.

All groups run in blended learning concepts. That means there are online sequences, presence modules, online training programs and homework.

Thanks to my good technical equipment and my knowledge of MS Teams, zoom and Co, I am perfectly prepared for my participants.

Team leader program calls for the use of various techniques and software

Content and process

Depending on the group and level of maturity of the individual participants, the content is prepared group-specific and individually.

Group A

It is about a personal position determination and of course about the all-encompassing basis – communication. In addition, we take care of topics such as time management and presentation techniques. The logical conclusion then is the focus on one’s own personality. Strengthened with this we then work on having good conversations. Since we are talking about leaders the topics are leadership, team, and motivation as important components. Finally, there is the second personal position determination. This also gives feedback to the HR department, HRD and the higher-level managers.

Group B

In this group we talk about opportunities, motivation, communication skills and confidence building. Feedback talks and team fostering are also important issues here. We do not want to forget the fun, for ourselves and for our employees. And at the end we look beyond the end into the future. In this group, the online training parts in short sequences of 90 minutes predominate.

Transfer and sustainability
All groups must work on WBTs (Web-based Trainings) in between and also do homework in smaller teams. This is how we overcome our weaker self, promote transfer and sustainability.

We have great participants, great characters, and exciting challenges.

Thanks a lot for this!

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