Presenting in online format

Training program with 4 modules at the topic of online presenting

This training program is aimed at people who present frequently, especially online.

After we had successfully completed the modules on TEAMS, we moved on to presentation techniques.

Often it was the technical stumbling blocks that challenged us here. How can I present well if the camera or the Internet line or my microphone don’t work well. Or if I lack certain accesses, or worse, if my audience can’t get access to certain links, data, or movies.
IT restrictions in companies can be real bumps here.

Presentations has to be short, concise and structured

Despite the technical challenges we faced, we were determined not to be discouraged. Instead, we used all available resources. We shared presentations through a variety of media, including whiteboards, documents, videos, and PowerPoint. We have reviewed what is feasible. For example, overlaying speakers and others.

An important aspect presenting in online format is to have a good structure. A clear agenda and a good flow are necessary to convey information effectively. A structured presentation must be visible and understandable to all and provide guidance throughout. With this approach, we can convey our ideas in a short, concise, and organized manner. In summary, the key to a successful online presentation is to tackle challenges boldly and use given tools effectively.

Presenting online with a good table of contents
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