TEAMS first steps

The first steps with MS TEAMS require good knowledge in the use of meeting tools

Training program with 7 modules on the topic of first steps in TEAMS as a basis

This training program is aimed at people who frequently present and moderate do so primarily online.

We started with the first use of the control elements in TEAMS Meetings, then into planning and organization via TEAMS Calendar and OUTLOOK. With the organization of BREAKOUTSESSION, the foundation was then laid for the basic knowledge as a moderator. Afterwards, we were able to consolidate further basics in dealing with technical stumbling blocks and the use of the WHITEBOARD. Next up was the use of MS FORMS and the creation and use of teams in the MS TEAMS organization.

Create a fundamental basis

The red thread, one of the most essential didactic tools that we need! To create a foundation to moderate and present online effectively, we need knowledge on handling various tools first. 

And yes, it is crucial to be prepared, especially when presenting or moderating online. If something goes wrong, head up, you can handle it. 

The better the preparation, the more confident the follow-up! Of course, one needs good skills in MS TEAMS, meetings, and breakout sessions. We have prepared these skills for the next ten upcoming modules on the topic of moderation and presentation.

The first steps with MS TEAMS require good knowledge in the use of IT tools.
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