Combine learning and working

Combine learning and working

made by VW TV

on didacta fair


Target group

Managing directors
HR developer
eLearning provider

It needs good blended learning concepts

Excerpt from the documentation from VW-TV for didacta fair 2011

Interview with Ursula Hesselmann about …

  • Optimal blended learning concepts combine learning and working in a particularly remarkable way
  • Therefore, the requirements are very high for a didactic structure and design. In addition, everyone involved must start rethinking. Only when we are ready to learn online will something change
  • The concept, methods and communication must also be considered
  • How is the innovation carried into the company? And do they all go along with it?

unfortunately only available in German

  • Trainers must be able to accompany electronic units well. After all, a trainer must think ahead and have plans B and C in mind. So, it’s not only about preparing the content, but also about the technical framework conditions.
  • As a result, the skills of trainers and a sure instinct must match
  • The decision -makers in the company must recognize the benefits; only then can learning and working be combined
  • Small units help to integrate the learning sequences correctly into the learning environment. If possible, they should be short (5-10 min max), preferably even shorter than 5 min
  • The implementation must be needs-oriented
  • The time is also particularly relevant. Because learning must also take place at the right time, when the learner has time and is concentrated and focused
  • After all, good curricula are also important in providing a central theme for the participants. Because that way they keep their bearings
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