8 practical tips

8 practical tips

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Managing directors and the whole company

Tips for success

  1. The crisis harbors the desire for change and the creation of values. Use this attitude with your employees (addendum: 05.06.2020: The Corona pandemic and the shutdown also show us that it is important to talk about values!)
  2. More and more often, work is seen not only as the fulfillment of duties, but as the fulfillment of one’s own motivation and goals – align your personnel management accordingly
  3. Communicate consistently and openly – that makes you credible and creates trust
  4. Use the crisis for further training and personnel development – this clears the way for the success of your company.
  5. Define exactly the goal and target group for training programs: What do you want to achieve? And with which employees?
  6. When choosing the right training concept, consider that what you have learned can also be used in your daily work.
  7. Pay attention not only to the content of your training measures, but also to the methods: „Learning by doing“ promises more success than just a lecture.
  8. Create incentives to get your employees excited about further training – it does not always have to be of a material nature. A new leadership style can also be an incentive.

Ursula Hesselmann started her own business as a management consultant in Heiligenberg in June 2008 after 25 years of professional activity, most recently 15 years in the automotive supplier industry.

You can find these 8 practical tips in the above-mentioned IHK magazine in the September 2009 issue.

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