Specific content

Specific content

Knowledge Exchange Session
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Target group

Managing directors
Personnel development
eLearning suppliers

Company specific content for blended learning and eLearning projects

These 60-minute events, sometimes also called „Cracker Barrel Sessions“, allow for exchange of knowledge and networking. At these informal meetings, the participants briefly introduce themselves to each other and then discuss a specific topic. These sessions offer the opportunity to exchange knowledge on a specific topic or project, meet other participants with the same interests, reveal future ideas and visions, ask questions for discussion, and receive support with a specific problem. The events take place on a small scale. There is also a limited number of participants in order to facilitate discussion and exchange.

Content for joint discussion

With the motto:
Let’s define company-specific content because it’s no sorcery. So, let’s get started with the first steps.

  • Introduction of the participants
  • Project standards
  • Requirements and needs
  • Main concerns
  • Process for do’s and don’ts
  • Discussion
  • Outcome
  • Open points / questions
specific content no sorcery
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