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Short-term mediation

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Target group


This procedure is a possibility of fast but lasting conflict resolution

As with „normal“ mediation, the process begins, the role of the mediator and the rules of the game.

Since the conversation should only last a maximum of 3 hours, the problem and the conflict are queried in advance by telephone or online. It’s about the present, the past and a possible future (with the problem).

The question of feelings is essential to get a feeling for me as well as to understand in what level the conflict is (escalation levels).

Then it comes to the question of the book title. The title is a great way to go into the 3-hour personal conversation.

So, it is about the wishes for the future, the resources that are needed, and the willingness to step along the new path.

Of course, I would like the two of them to bear this firmly in mind what they have agreed to. And, if necessary, continuously optimize it. Because nothing is worse than going to work every day in a bad mood and demotivated.

I have used this approach of short-term mediation and had very good experiences with it so far. The solutions were well worked out, and mostly sustainable. Of course, successful mediation always depends on the people who are in conflict, the basic conditions around them, and the culture in the company.

A book title speaks for feelings behind the conflict!

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