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Online Moderation

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Target group

Employees from R&D

Basic conditions in organizational and didactical design for good moderation

Throug six appointments, we delved into the topic of online moderation.

Using a basic and an advanced module, the participants acquired a good structure. Because here, in particular, it is important to be well-structured. After all, the bigger challenge is often getting the technology under control 😉.

Online Moderation and group work

In the first module, we took care of the rules for good cooperation as well as the structure. Good planning is essential, with the correct and specified content. Because only if I know exactly what I want, I can finally write a good and clear script. It might sound a bit annoying, but at that moment, as a trainer, I work out the exact process as well as concrete content. Because than the time required is clear. The script also helps to build in buffers. Knowledge of a good start was also part of the first module.

In the second module based on the first, the participants were able to independently implement what they had already learned. So, we then clarified questions as to whether we can work better with or without video. We also asked ourselves whether a quiz would be less monotonous. And we looked at additional methods. In the subsequent feedback, we also discussed the challenge of involving talkative speakers and those who are silent.

Completely successful!

Thank you for the intensive participation! 🙂

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