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The human being between learning and change

1. Lecturer’s Day at the Chamber of Commerce Lake of Constance on March 25, 2014, in Weingarten.

A great idea to give the lecturers at the IHK something interesting to do and to give them ideas and suggestions for their teaching units.

My contribution was a workshop on the topic: „People between learning culture and change“.
The aim was to create an understanding of what drives the participants. Why they sit and study in the Chamber of Commerce in the evenings or on weekends. And what the lecturers can contribute to motivation and varied teaching.

We worked with the model Spiral Dynamics and worked on the different motives and values of the participants. A new and interesting approach for the participants in my workshop.

First, we took care of the needs of the „red lone fighters“ and what drives them to come to the Chamber of Commerce and how the lecturer can motivate them. We also worked on the „loyal blue“, the „orange looking for success“ and the „green team person“. Finally, the „yellow options finder“.
As a result, we were able to establish that we must devote our attention to our counterpart. So, pushing the drawer is also wrong. Furthermore, the diversity must be preserved, which means that procedures and methods must alternate and much more.

A great workshop with a lot of fun and energy, which was rated by the participants with a grade A. Thanks a lot for this!

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