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Leading in times of Corona

On four dates, we discussed the challenges for a manager in times of Corona, home offices and short-time work.

How can we, as managers, also discern good online relationships? Which system and methodology do we use? How do I know whether my employees and the team are involved?

In the first module, we reflected on the technical challenges. It is a great challenge for everyone to be in an online meeting on time. That is why we also took care of the necessary structures and rules. Because this is what you need to involve and pick up not only yourself, but also your employees.
Then we defined the necessary skills and competencies that are needed to be able to lead well in this situation.

At the end we touched on the topics of inner attitude and relationships. These are then open points for further modules. Thank you for the intensive participation. 🙂

AND I am looking forward to the five other planned modules concerning the topic of leading online! These will go into more depth on the topics of culture, inner attitude, and team. Likewise, in the end it will be about a new mindset. Because we will have to take on a new mindset to be able to master new situations well.

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