Invest more in further education

Invest in further education

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Invest more in further training - if not now then when?

Much has happened in the last few months in connection with the crisis, with good times for some and bad times for others. For some it is experience and instructional. For others it is just exhausting. (Addendum: June 5th, 2020: this also currently applies to the time of the Corona pandemic and the shutdown).

And yet they all have in common that there is hope of a change, an improvement. Regarding a long-term stable orientation, wishes to build up values or to restore existing but forgotten values are expressed.

Check the values in your company

Such is the desire for changed and better communication, because it makes a significant contribution to processes in change. It begins and ends in the minds of the employees, i.e., exactly where changes can take place. The associated communication strategy should not only contain formal but also informal statements about changes to implement visions and strategies. The content of the strategy should be targeted and target group-specific to strengthen and live out truthfulness and credibility.

Another wish is a change in leadership, leadership work and a role model function. The call for equality and fair, humane treatment is louder than ever. The demands of self-realization are increasing – work is no longer just a duty but work is the fulfillment of one’s own motivation and goals.

Personnel management plays an important role here, as it must create the personnel requirements for change. In situations of upheaval, it is important to use these opportunities to influence, to set incentives, to qualify, to inform and to integrate.

Send clear messages

A uniform and open basis of communication is the key to winning. Don’t send ambiguous messages, it won’t help if nothing „gets over“. Don’t say „it will be difficult“ either. Simply tell the truth! And don’t become dissolute but …

If not now when then?

Now you can start preparing further training concepts and measures. Use existing and new methods and resources. Qualify in specialist and process knowledge, build up and expand communication training, and promote intercultural competence. Create conditions for trust and …

The right combination ...

has the desired outcome, promotes success. Address several options, such as the skills of the employees and the learner types, adapt them to the needs and concerns of the target group, and consider the corporate culture and the company’s possibilities (time, budget, technology, …).
Remember that we …

Invest in further education ...

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