Consider change and OD

Moderation and lecture at
Learntec congress


Target group

Managing director
and the whole company

Congress - Section: Management /// Motivation for educational measures

Learntec – 02/01/2012 – My role

  • Moderation of the section: management
  • and presentation of my own lecture at the end of the section

TITLE: Pay attention to Change & OD - then eLearning will also work

Successful education management and thus the successful use of eLearning and blended learning is not only dependent on well-functioning technology and flawless didactics. Above all, it is important to consider the changes that will take place with the introduction and use of eLearning / blended learning.

If further training is to be integrated more strongly into the work process and thus into the company processes, then a change does not only have to take place in the head.

It is a project too

The change or change management must be so sophisticated that EVERYONE is aware that a change is taking place here, that it affects the mood, motivation, understanding of competencies and leadership. This change, as well as the implementation of the software or the content, must be planned. There is also an analysis and concept phase, an implementation by a pilot, an optimization, implementation, and the final evaluation to check whether the change is reflected in the routine. Develop your vision / mission, your strategic direction regarding the expected change. Note that change only takes place if the employees are not only convinced but also integrated.

Consider change and OD

If the change is reflected in the behavior of the employees, then the transfer has been successful. Then you can start consolidating and stabilizing. So, it’s not just about information, understanding in the head, and acceptance, but clearly about the changed behavior. Only then can you say that the change has taken place.

Only when you have introduced an organizational development process will an educational measure become sustainable. So, you must take the systemic point of view into account. What is changing, what is becoming unstable? Where does stability have to return? Which topics remain in the past, what will the future hold? Who do I have to consider?

The identity, the strategies, the concepts, and the corporate culture? What happens to my processes and procedures, to communication and the internal networks? What is changing? Do new resources have to be defined and adapted to specifications and guidelines? Who cares? OD is the conscious process of change in the organization towards greater efficiency.

What is the point and purpose of education?

  • Education enables more knowledge
  • More knowledge leads to a more effective and efficient way of working
  • That in turn leads to better products
  • These create satisfied customers
  • Through which you generate more sales again
  • Which increases your company’s success
  • and makes you STRONG in the market!

No variable in a system influences another without being influenced by itself. So, no introduction of eLearning or use of eLearning without an adjustment in change management and in the organizational development.

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