Conflicts in teams

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Target group

Head of Personnel ifm group
HR Department: Manager, Developer, Recruiter
Process facilitators

Solve conflicts in teams or let them go?

The interesting question was what should we do about conflict?

We want to see the conflict as an opportunity and thus make it recognizable for the manager. It was also important to us to permanently resolve the possible conflict. That was regardless of whether we are involved in it or not!

We also focused on the generational issue, as this alone often leads to conflicts.

Vicious circles, types of conflict and styles of conflict

It was an exciting day with very interested and committed managers. So, it was a lot of fun to be able to laugh and talk about the pitfalls of conflicts.

Even if we are not involved in the conflict, we need to know the trigger points. Your own and that of others. Where do I feel attacked? What does that do to me? Why do I even think about it?

Only when I have clarified that is it possible to really listen 🤔😉

In addition, our teams usually consist of many different people. There is a lot to consider. From ethnicity to origin, to your own history, to your own values and moral concept.

The many role-playing games were not only perfectly staged, but also helped us to make sweeping insights.

Findings and conclusion

The exciting thing was that in the end there was the realization that we must always start with ourselves.

And it doesn’t matter whether we are involved in the conflict or are watching from outside. Our way of communication is always the key to the solution.

We can avoid conflicts by allowing individuality and feedback becomes our motto in life. AND we need to know our own point of view!

Many thanks to the participants and thank you for the great feedback.

Here is another participant’s voice 🙂: „The trainer conveyed the topics authentically and practically. Just great!“

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