Change in projects

Change in projects



Target group

Managing directors
Project leader
HR developer

Change management inside of project management

A different kind of live session. Several stages and this one – 60 minutes. A great series!

The content

In addition to the project management program, there was also an offshoot session on change management. Because the participants realized that we must think much more extensively and holistically.

We asked ourselves the following questions:

  • When does the change affect my project?
  • How can I proactively influence the change positively?
  • What are the prerequisites for this?

So, it was about your own perception of your own personal competence. When does it appear in the wrong light and then what do you do with it? When is the point of no return in the project regarding change topics? We also highlighted this with an integral approach.

Change in projects, a very exciting issue!

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