the wrong person

The wrong person




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The wrong person hired by my CEO

Scenario: The company is hiring someone who is wrong for my team, but my CEO won’t listen to me. How do I show my CEO that hiring this person is a mistake?

  • the team leader: What do I want – to support my team? Why doesn’t the CEO know this? Have I communicated wrong? Did I have not the right arguments? Was it my or his motivation to look for a new team member?
  • the own team:  What characterizes the team and cooperation from my/our point of view! Important not talking from one person but coordinates in the name of the team
    What competencies do we need to do our work excellently?
  • the new Person : What distinguishes him / her from the team’s point of view? What is missing and why (reasons!!!) What do you think – CEO boss? It is important to ask him!!!
    When he has another opinion: Arguments are too weak; He will succeed; He looks at the team differently than does the team itself – if so important to lead a common conversation with all.

=> Attention: respect and value his arguments – because in the end the boss has the power of decision. If yes – everything is clear

  • Recommendation to the team: Looking for courageous and good arguments; Be and remain fair; If a decision has been made, accept this; Do not complain / bleat / grumble; If the new person has joined the company, do not mob him/her, but go into conversation with the boss and the coworker, if it should not work; Proactively take the new with you and incorporate – this helps to avoid misunderstandings and a bad mood – where sentences arises like: „we knew it“ – „we told you“…
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