Teamwork yes - but without me 2nd edition

Team work yes
but without me


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Author Ursula Hesselmann



Managing directors
project leader
Personnel development

Teamwork without me - Or is it with me?

This book is intended to open eyes to true leadership and humanity.
If we don’t value people, they will rebel. We need a respectful inner attitude; we need to be able to show feelings and understand needs. With the right strategy, good structures, and the power of culture, you can push the team engine.

This requires initiative of one’s own and an eye for opportunities. Care for talent, take responsibility, and be open. The book tells you what else this involves and what you can do about it.


  1. Selection and maintenance of the team are the be-all and end-all
    1. Selection and procurement
    2. Care of team members
  2. Culture and basic conditions for the team
    1. The structure and basic conditions
    2. The culture in cooperation
  3. Priority is appreciating people
    1. Causes, symptoms and effects of poor team work
    2. The person himself, in the team and outside
  4. Conclusion

Checklists; Illustrations; Bibliography / references; Left; Remarks


So, whether we can inspire people to work in a team has much to do with ourselves. As a person, as a colleague, as a boss, it is up to me whether and in what form we enjoy teamwork.
And I’m responsible for finding out whether a team is needed for one task or another.

Create an „adult-friendly“ organizational structure together, in which everyone is heard 100% of the time, decisions are made, and consequences are also lived. This is the only way to trust each other. Create an atmosphere in which self-esteem can be seen as the highest good, because then there is no need for a pat on the back and no motivational use. So, are you not the drug dealer who uses manipulative techniques to create a sense of dignity and self-determination? Stand up for good basic conditions, a good selection of employees, an appreciative culture and the reflection of everyone, including yourself, in the company. Because then comes the willingness from within to feel things, to take them seriously and to accept them. And for perceiving teamwork as a real asset!

When you have managed that, you have developed certain rituals. Use symbols to convey support and orientation, celebrate successes regularly, even small ones. Maintain an appreciative greeting and goodbye every day and have a coffee with each other without always talking about work or a project. Turn off the phone or switch it to a colleague when you are talking to the other person!

Be real, be an original, stand by yourself, and don’t make lazy compromises. Become strong and inspire not only yourself, but – above all – your employees. Have the courage – the courage to change, the courage to stand by yourself, and the courage to be able to say that you don’t need teamwork for one or another.
Even in agile times, it must be clear that there are things that individual people can do independently. So, stay open to new ideas, make decisions, and stand by yourself!

So, this is not manipulation of people, rather, we pick them up where they are!

And then it also means “teamwork – yes, gladly!

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