Systemic view at learners

Learntec congress

Congress - Section: Management 2 /// Learner motivation

Learntec – January 27th, 2015

TITLE: systemic view of learners and their motivation

It’s all a question of perspective!

There are many good recommendations, ideas, concepts, old and new. Nevertheless, the question arises again and again: „On what or whom should we still orientate ourselves nowadays? Is there even an answer for THE learner motivation?“
This time, I went very far in my lecture to provide some orientation.

Values and needs as an orientation

At the beginning, the question was what does systemic mean? Together we discussed the idea as to why systemic makes sense at this point.
After that, we took very different perspectives. Start with the basic personal disposition of each person and their inherited motives. After that, our thoughts turned to the different pasts of people and the experiences they have had.

Subsequently, I created a broad awareness among my listeners about how people think and act based on their needs.

A development model as a basis

With the Spiral Dynamics development model, we then looked at the learners, teachers, and trainers, and finally at the companies. We then compared all three views during the workshop / lecture with the motivation in general, the learning experience, the learning behavior, and the teaching system.

All in all, a completely new experience for each listener and very exciting, too.

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