Sweeping judgment

… drives the „church out of the village“ instead of looking at things in a sensible way.

Do you know the saying „leave the church in the village“ – that means, that we should think carefully and respectfully about things before we make a sweeping judgment.

By the way, this idiom is based on the idea that the appropriate place for the church is in the center of the village.

Source: DUDEN, dictionary of origin; Volume 7, 3rd revised edition, 2001.

A sweeping judgment should not allow us to get carried away instead we should look at things in a sensible way.

Gain experiences - it is always worth it!

  • … he has no idea … the problems are at the top … he NEVER cares of me anyway …
  • … compared to the others … others have said that … always …
  • … those up there … no idea … far from reality …
  • … no idea … need rules …
  • … none of them wear masks … so we must initiate a hard lockdown …

Generalized emails

That is a thing too. Do you know that. Someone on the team did something wrong, or forgot, or …

Now there is a generalized email from the boss to all team members in the department that this or that should not be done. 

Those who have done everything right so far or are not affected by the subject feel offended. Are disappointed with this type of communication. It does not bother some at all. Those who were the trigger for this email are usually silent and do not move. Because it was a „rocket“, but luckily, they were not exposed as the guilty one.

And nevertheless, it has an impact on cooperation and culture in the company.

Incidence of 100 / 100,000 inhabitants as a sweeping judgment

  • 100 people out of 100,000 are sick, which means 99,900 are healthy.
  • in 80% of the 100-sick people, the course is harmless or only minor symptoms appear. The body’s immune system has brought the viral infection under control.
  • at 20% so 20 people it is heavy
  • 99,980 usually go to work … because they do not notice anything, like with a flu epidemic.
  • we are „paralyzed“ because of 20 people via a sweeping judgment.


Example calculation for Munich:

Munich has 1,561,720 inhabitants (as of March 31, 2020) and an incidence value of 102.7 (as of March 31, 2021):


  • (102.7 x 1,561,720) / 100,000 = 1,603.88 people in Munich are ill, which corresponds to 0.10% of the residents of Munich.
  • If we now subtract the 80% with an easier course of disease, there are still 321 people left with a difficult course. This is very sad, and I also wish these people a speedy recovery.
  • However, it follows that 1,560,116 citizens are healthy.

Leaving the church in the village and not making a sweeping judgment means thinking prudently and sensibly about why the economy is paralyzed when the population is 0.10% sick. Conversely, 99.9% of Munich’s citizens are healthy. And in the end, it is not the people who are currently being vaccinated first who finance these insane expenses of our politicians, but the economy and thus the healthy PEOPLE who wear the mask, wash their hands and have a healthy immune system!

I do not want to trivialize the virus and its effects. But I want us to think carefully about what is destroying the existence of many people!


Secondary area of confrontation, sideshows and sweeping judgment

I also do not wish side war theaters. To distract from the chaos surrounding vaccination, companies are now gagged to test more.
Leave the church in the village and do not make a sweeping judgment. „The companies …. only test their employees to 40%“ … „there has to be more“ … 😟🙄.

40% tests in companies, versus 0.1% infected people (see Munich), versus 12.2% vaccination rate in Bavaria (source: RKI, as of April 2nd, 2021).

  • How about if we increase the vaccination rate to 40% first 😟👏👍.
  • And how about if we not only look to the USA, Great Britain, and Israel, but just copy it. Vaccinate for all one is worth!
  • YES, I have great understanding for all the nurses who have run out of energy, because in the end they are the ones who suffer in the intensive care units. Just like all the small entrepreneurs, traders and self-employed who are already insolvent or are about to do so.
  • In the end, I cannot say whether I am properly informed … but what I can say is that I am tired of constantly left into the dark. To have to throw all plans overboard with my customers almost every week and destroy the wishes and hopes of employees and managers in the process. My personal perception is disappointment with the procedure and anger about the excessive waste of our tax money (which we, the economy, will painfully feel again in a few years). As the recipient, I can decide how I feel.
    Yes, I make the best of it every day, it just becomes more and more difficult to trust a government that is obviously overwhelmed.

Let the church in the middle of the village and does not make a sweeping judgment

It does not get us any further if we knock sb. or do the dirty on sb. There is also no point in pretending that we have not heard anything or are not affected by it.

We live in a fast, dynamic, and active society with many different opinions and ideas. I believe that everyone (no matter who) tries to do their best. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. But that always evaluates the other person because there is personal perception! The recipient decides!

So, it must be:

  • Let us sharpen our perception!
  • Be open to new ways!
  • Take the other’s perspective!
  • Communicate, communicate and communicate again with the other.
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