Successful conversations

Workshop on the topic of employee appraisals and successful interview management

The daily challenges in conversation are topics such as expressing criticism, promoting motivation, uncovering dissatisfaction and, among other things, open communication.

Good conversations only make sense if I manage to create understanding for each other. I discuss the information and situation in detail, reduce frustration, resolve conflicts, and then plan together. So only when we talk to each other do we make progress. So, the conversation must be creative, diverse, and open. I must listen well and perceive what is happening.

According to Carl Rogers*, this works above all with appreciation, empathy and authenticity:

  • Appreciation also means showing interest in the other person and accepting other opinions. It is also about letting the other person be a person, even if you may criticize their behavior.
  • Empathy requires that I listen well and that I perceive and understand the feelings of the other person.
  • Authenticity or congruence is the inner attitude that must match the behavior. It sometimes takes a middle ground with consideration, respect, and openness. It is important to do this without pretending to be false.

*Carl Ransom Rogers (1902-1987), klientenzentrierte Gesprächstherapie

The path to a good basic attitude

In this workshop, we then worked on finding out how we can achieve a good basic attitude. In other words, more appreciation, genuine authenticity, and good empathy.

During the workshop, we also worked on the structure and phases of the conversation as well as various structural possibilities. The insights gained from possible evaluation errors, which then also strongly influence the success of the conversations, were also exciting.

Thank you very much for the active participation and the great discussions 👍🙂 

And a lot of energy in leading successful conversations!

Leading successful conversations
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